Is it time to sell

... and everyone is heading to Gold Trader! We're not a pawn shop, not a jewelry store; we're a precious metals dealer and we'll pay the most for your gold, silver and platinum.

Gold Trader, Inc. is the area’s only exclusive precious metals dealer, dedicated 100% to the buying and selling of gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals. And, our best prices and world class service are backed up by over 50 years of jewelry experience.

Thanks to our direct relationship with refineries, we’re able to pay you top dollar for your precious metals. Buying precious metals is virtually all we do, so you know you’re going to get them most! At Gold Trader, we know that selling your gold and silver is a personal and confidential matter. So don’t send it away in the mail or sell it in the middle of some busy retail area… Come to Gold Trader where every transaction is handled in a comfortable, private area.

Is now the time to sell?
Absolutely! And here’s why… Gold Trader’s exclusive Buy Price Guarantee…if the price of gold (or whatever precious metal you sell) goes up after you sell, we’ll pay you more! Ask for details when you come in. No one else pays you more AFTER the sale. Only Gold Trader.

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